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AS – 9000

AS – 9000



This model produces a wonderful spray pattern with an abundance of water like silk which comes from the medium and large sized curved water spray plate. It has a contemporary and refined premium full-chrome body design. It has intensive effects on the increasing of water pressure while saving water. It diffuses a wonderful Aroma Scent and Vitamin C water so that you can have a spa shower experience at home. It is a global hit of the Aroma Sense shower head range.

Aroma therapy

Aroma scent and Vitamin C from natural aroma oil and Vitamin C ingredients give you an enjoyable and luxurious shower time.

Clean water

Our gel-type Vitamin C removes more than 98% of residual chlorine in water so that you can use clean water to shower your skin and hair.

Anoin Shower:

Our patented triangular hole water spray plate releases 421,000 anions per each 1cc of water. You can enjoy a strong and high-pressured mist shower

 Vitamin C

A Vitamin C equivalent to 3,000 lemons is concentrated into a capsule by cutting-edge technology. 0.6~1.2mgs of Vitamin C per liter of water is added during the shower.

Effect of water saving:

Our patented triangular hole water spray plate brings about a 15~30% saving of water. You can also experience spa massaging effect from the increased water pressure.

Antibacterial effect and removal of rust:

There is an antibacterial ceramic ball filter inside the shower head. The ceramic balls prevents harmful E. coli and bacteria from multiplying. A micro fabric filter inside the shower head removes debris and rust.


Type Aroma Sense shower head
– Model No. AS-9000
– Color Metallic silver
– Filters Aroma Vitamin C filter (ASS filter), Anti bacteria Ceramic ball filter, Micro fabric filter
– Size W 8.0cm X L 6.3cm X H 27.8cm / Head diameter : 8cm
– Weight 360g



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