Water Saving Luxury Aromatherapy Shower Heads / AROMA SENSE

Who we are?

KNTeC was established on June 22nd, 1999. We are an eco-friendly company manufacturing water saving and water pressure increasing shower heads, aroma sense shower heads, kitchen sink taps, water saving hoses and parts. We provide eco-friendly technologies and services, for our growing global customer base. Since our establishment, we have been continuing to research and develop products related to water saving and water quality.

In 2002, we were given credit for manufacturing water saving products and won the Presidential prize of Public Procurement Service’s goods saving campaign. Our products were registered as Public Procurement Service’s water saving products. After that, we provided water saving shower heads and other products for a great number of public organizations, condominiums, accommodations, saunas and swimming pools.

In 2005, we succeeded in developing a filter which is encapsulated with aroma and Vitamin C for the first time in the world and launched the “Aroma Sense” Shower Head. From then, we applied and registered numerous invention patents in Korea, USA, China, Australia, Russia, EU and India. We also acquired certifications of international standards such as Korea Good Technology, Good Quality, Quality mark, eco-friendly certified products, ISO 9001, EU’s Conformity European Marking, EU’s Rohs and U.S. FDA. Based on these certifications, we proudly make the world’s best quality premium shower heads.

We continuously invest in the R&D sector and release new products every year. We also try to do our best to become a growth engine for client companies. Based on technologies and the global standard quality, KNTeC exports to 36 countries worldwide through various routes of distribution. We have been gaining positive responses from the overseas markets and expanding our business range.

We promise you to grow constantly in the global market as a company, which always thinks about the value of water, the global environment, and the pursuit of human happiness.