Water Saving Luxury Aromatherapy Shower Heads / AROMA SENSE

Why Aroma Sense?

Aroma Therapy

The gentle aroma scent from the natural aroma oil, gives you a more enjoyable shower time.

Vitamin C Water

Vitamin C enhanced shower water with a Vitamin C equivalent to 3,000 lemons, keeps your skin smooth and your hair well nourished.

Removal of residual chlorine

The aroma Vitamin C filter removes 98% of residual chlorine in tap water so that you can use clean water to shower your skin and hair.

Water saving benefit

The patented, triangular hole water spray plate technology has the effect of 20~50% water saving while increasing water pressure compared to other shower heads.

Negative ions shower

The patented, triangular hole water spray plate technology makes the shower head release 421,000negative ions per 1cc of water, so that you can enjoy both a high pressure flow from the shower head and a soft mist spray shower.

Antibacterial effect and removal of rust

The antibacterial ceramic ball inside of the shower head prevents bacteria from multiplying. The Micro fabric filter removes debris and rust.