Includes 1 shower head, 1 microfiber filter, and 1 Vitamin C shower cartridge


Feel the refreshing aroma as you shower in luxury with the all new Arofix Grand Vitamin C Rainfall Shower Filter.

Removing up to 98% of residual chlorine, enhancing your shower water to help keep skin smooth and hair well nourished.

The Arofix Grand rainfall shower filter is the largest model in our line of Aroma sense Vitamin C shower heads. W 300mm, D 200mm, H 50mm, Height of the cartridge case 78mm

Comes with a lemon scented aroma cartridge. Click here for all other replacement cartridge scents
Each cartridge will last 30-60 days in 4 person family
Removes Chlorine & Chloramine from unfiltered water; including trihalomethane and other contaminant residues.
Replenishes Vitamin C (contains vitamin C concentrate that promotes healthier hair and skin).
Gives a soothing aromatherapy effect (natural aroma oils relieve stress by relaxing body and mind).
Conserves water and increases water pressure (Aroma Sense reduces water consumption by 25% and produces an optimized water pressure 1.5 times greater than branded shower heads).
Generates negative ions (innovative spray plate hole generates up to 421,000 negative ions).

The chemical structure of Vitamin C allows it to react with the chlorine in water, creating a non-harmful mild hydrochloric acid, which in then provides a mild acidic, clean water that’s ideal for your hair and skin development


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