These models of the Aroma Sense range are for fixed bracket shower installations. These models produce an abundant and refreshing spray pattern which comes out of the extra large sized water spray plate so that it feels like you are under the pouring rain. This is a large-sized premium model with full chrome body design. You can enjoy a luxurious shower with a wonderful aroma scent and Vitamin C water. These models of the Aroma Sense range are intended for fixed bracket shower installations. It is popular in 5-star hotels and high-end spa shops in North America. It is the best seller in North and South America.


Aroma scent and Vitamin C from natural aroma oil and Vitamin C ingredients give you an enjoyable and luxurious shower time.

Clean water

Our gel-type Vitamin C removes more than 98% of residual chlorine in water so that you can use clean water to shower your skin and hair.

Anion shower

Our patented triangular hole water spray plate releases 421,000 anions per each 1cc of water. You can enjoy a strong and high-pressured mist shower.

Vitamin C

A Vitamin C equivalent to 3,000 lemons is concentrated into a capsule by cutting-edge technology. 0.6~1.2mgs of Vitamin C per liter of water is added during the shower.

Effect of water saving

Our patented triangular hole water spray plate brings about a 15~30% saving of water. You can also experience spa massaging effect from the increased water pressure.

Antibacterial effect and removal of rust

There is an antibacterial ceramic ball filter inside the shower head. The ceramic balls prevents harmful E. coli and bacteria from multiplying. A micro fabric filter inside the shower head removes debris and rust.


– Type Aroma Sense shower head
– Model No. AROFIX-02
– Color Metallic silver
– Filters Aroma Vitamin C filter (ASS filter), Anti bacteria Ceramic ball filter, Micro fabric filter
– Size W 8.1cm X L 8.1cm X H 12.9cm / Head diameter : 7.8cm
– Weight 409.5g


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